Preparing Your House for the Winter

Winter is Coming!

Preparing Your Home for the WinterNot just metaphorically in the universe of Game of Thrones but literally here in our boring Muggle world. With your big investment on the house have come big responsibilities, and it’s the time of the year where you must follow through to make the most of your investment without burning a hole in your pocket. Listed below is a checklist to make life simpler, one step at a time.

Scout the perimeter

First things first, check the exterior of your property for cracks, peeling or damage. It is essential to begin all handiwork while the temperatures are relatively warmer and convenient to work outdoors. This not only eases the burden on you but saves you from the last moment rush to find accomplished professionals available to render their services. Ensure you check the gutters, roof, doors and windows for any visible damage or clogging that might cause disruptions or even worse – injury. Home repair professionals are recommended, but if the intention is to save an extra buck, make sure you are careful on the ladder!

Test out the Appliances

Smoke alarms, heating systems, pipes, chimneys – among the other essentials. It is important to check manufacturing dates on alarm systems, replacing any faulty parts with reliable alternatives if not originals. Associations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommend inspection and thorough cleaning of your systems to safeguard your homes from the dangerous gases, smoke and dirt emitted from your fireplace and heating systems. Checking on these essentials protect and prevent disasters such as house fires, improve air quality while keeping you warm and cozy through the harsh winter months.

Prepare Preserve and Protect

Prune your shrubs, trim the edges, mow out the lawn, clear out the patio and store your pots and plants away before the snowy storms set in. Leaves from surrounding trees are a never-ending menace, but there’s always the mighty leaf blower to the rescue. Stocking up on firewood in unheated, dry garages are the next essential on the list. Machinery always comes with a hint of unreliability; hence, it is of utmost importance to stack your shovels, ensure supplies are accessible and that there always is an emergency kit at hand. Flashlights, rope, first aid kids, warm clothes, food, water, medication and amenities are the few necessities that are usually looked over but most important in a crisis.

Being prepared for a long stormy winter doesn’t begin when the first snow hits the ground, but technically must begin when the daylight savings change. Leaving your winter prep for the last minute is nothing short of catastrophic as appointments are booked, servicemen remain unavailable and you would have to fend for yourself all the while running pillar to post just to get the job done in time. Your home is your investment and safeguarding it for the long healthy future of your own stands as an individual responsibility. It’s all about the small details that matter, you never know when the storm will hit!