Most Important Home Improvements to Make Before Selling a Home

Selling a home is a huge decision, and the road to reaching the end is an emotional and extremely analytical journey. Every minute detail has to be inspected with great detail, figuring out along the way the best possible options to get you the best value on your home. Remodeling and home improvements count as a major consideration, to fix or not to fix?

The location, market scene and kind of broker investing in your home has a lot to do with the price you earn on your space, but home improvements, even the little ones are enough to make a big difference to make the cut. So, which ones you ask?
While there are no specificities as to what will sell your home better and quicker as a lot depends on the way you’ve maintained your space over time, we have a list of few fixer uppers that realtors swear by.

  1. Floor Fixes

    Hardwood floors, carpeting as well as chipped and cracked ceramics – time and wear-and-tear would have left your flooring tired and overused. Older houses that have been furnished decades ago have lost their charm and are a dull comparison to the newer amenities one has on offer. While this may be the most expensive investment of the lot, it is a fair deal that will fetch you a higher price; And if experts are to be believed, a resale return of at least 40%.

  2. Bathroom Fixes

    Old calcified tubs, ceilings that are falling apart and leaky faucets, the little details that bring about a major change without burning a hole in your pocket. Upgrading to fancier lights, fixing broken fixtures, throwing on some fresh paint on the walls and deodorizing an old toilet is always a winner. You’d be rather surprised how these minor bumps could affect the value of your house in its entirety.

  3. Roofs and Walls

    Both the interior and the exterior of your house are of equal importance. While scraping off old wallpaper and paneling, to refresh the look of your house works wonders, fixing a broken or damaged roof is quintessential. A new buyer wouldn’t want to invest in major repairing costs (unless of course he’s a flipper), significantly reducing the resale value of your house.

  4. The Kitchen

    Replacing your beat-up kitchen cabinets is a big commitment, so getting rid of them is a safer option. Leaving high-end appliances won’t fetch you higher rates, as buyers are looking to save just as much as you are. Simple replacements, granite and laminate upgrades some additional plumbing definitely throws in a few extra pennies into your pocket.

  5. The Exterior

    Remodeling your lawn or patio, planting a few plants and painting your fancy picket fence – they all matter. It’s all about creating the first visual impression to your buyer to give them a glimpse of what their next home could really look like. Tiny details – door knobs and handles, otherwise missed easily could be the ultimate game changers in the resale price of your home.

Overall, your aim is to present a home that on the surface appears to have no major maintenance and repair costs, so do your best to put up a pretty face forward to fetch you your desired price!