Crofton Maryland Real Estate
Crofton is one of the most beautiful and amazing communities in Maryland. Crofton real estate is an ideal investment and we have plenty of options for you and your family. Crofton is located in Anne Arundel County and the community is home to approximately 28,000 residents. Crofton real estate is in high demand due to its proximity to Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Fort Meade.

Crofton is fast becoming one of the most attractive investment hotspots in terms of real estate, especially for buyers looking for quality housing within the Baltimore – Annapolis area. Did you know that Crofton was first established in 1964 and it used to be a gated community?In addition to its perfect location, picturesque surroundings and its kind residents.

Crofton has continued to record consistent growth as well as property value appreciation. It has become a choice location for many home-buyers who wish to experience the facilities and advantages of big cities without having to live with the usual problems associated with living in the city.

Additionally, Crofton is conveniently located 13.3 miles from Fort Meade (a 22-minute commute).Crofton is located just 10 miles from the west of Annapolis. It is also positioned 24 miles northeast of Washington DC. A journey from the southern part of Baltimore to Crofton is also just about 24 miles. More than 44.41% of the houses in this area have married families with children.

Crofton real estate is available for sale within a wide array of prices. You will find wide variation in costs of properties due to age, size as well as in architectural styles. The presence of this diversity among the homes for sale in Crofton presents a bigger scope to potential home-buyers to come across multiple options without making any sacrifice in budgets or even with personal tastes.

Starting from the retirees to young professionals, from families to singles, everyone is certain to find their dream home here in Crofton. It is arguably the best location to have a home especially since it has the lowest crime rate in the region.

Money Magazine listed Crofton on the top 100 best places to live the United States, a ranking it has maintained twice in the last few years. Whether you wish to invest in property or you wish to have a home within a specified budget or if you prefer the more luxurious options, Crofton Maryland is the ideal place to reside.

Crofton also boasts of some of the finest colleges, universities and schools. The educational institutions located in this area can compare and compete with the best in the country and will keep any parent stress free about their children’s education.If you are a first-time property buyer in the US market or a prospective buyer of Crofton real estate, it is important for you to know the market well. As a layman, it may not be easy for you to detect the right property falling within your expected parameters.

Crofton real estate is comprised of condos ranging from $196,000 to $457,000 and single-family homes ranging between $203,000 and $391,000. Luckily, Gina White Home Team knows Crofton very well. Get in touch with Gina and our trusted and experienced real estate experts for assistance.Your home is a dream asset; thus, you must work with a dedicated team like ours to help you and your family choose the best possible home. Gina White Home Team performs in-depth market research to find a home that best suits your needs.

Crofton Real Estate