HARP – Home Affordable Refinance Program


The process of selling or buying a home is both emotionally and physically exhausting. When you come across a property or house that you intend to purchase, you are putting down roots for a long period of time. Similarly when a person decides to sell their home and relocate, they are uprooting from a particular place to which they may have a strong emotional attachment.HARP LOGOBoth these processes become significantly easier and hassle free if the real estate agent understands what is ultimately required.

Everyone dreams of living in a nice, spacious house, located within a safe and friendly neighborhood. However, most times, reality does not match the fantasy. This is why it is important for sellers and buyers to opt for brokers who are helpful and ensure a smooth transition. In case of buying, a good broker can do wonders for you.

Once you have decided to purchase a property or home in a location of your choice, you can proceed to look at the prices within that neighborhood. You will need to come up with a moderate offer if you decide upon buying a house that meets your requirements. Budgeting and financing is imperative to making a favorable deal.

The most important aspect of buying a home is financing. It is a huge decision that can shape a person’s future for the time to come. Hence, one has to deliberate upon it extensively and ensure that they are able to obtain the adequate funding. The first step to it is looking into mortgages that are not an obstacle in your journey to the dream house. HARP is one such option for people looking to finance their new housing. It is known as the Home Affordable Refinance Program and enables borrowers into acquiring affordable mortgages.

Basically, HARP is for people who are currently all borrowed out on their mortgages and have very less equity. Once, a person owes more on their property than it is worth, they become a credit risk for lenders. This means that refinancing will not be easy. It was introduced during 2009 and brought a ray of hope to borrowers who were struggling with their mortgage. Through HARP, all such people can opt for refinancing without having to take out additional mortgages.

The only condition it entails is that these borrowers should be current on their mortgage payments. Just a few years after its introduction, significant changes were made to this program. HARP waived a few property appraisal requirements, warranties and even eliminated risk fees for certain borrowers who opted for shorter periods of payment. It does not implement any underwater limits or underwriting on loans.

With this program, borrowers do not require a minimum score of credit and can benefit from low interest rates as well. It even allows people to change their mortgages for adjustable to fixed rate. One of the best stipulations of HARP is its less paperwork requirement. Lenders do not need as much paperwork for the verification of annual income. The borrower can qualify for refinance if they provide documentation stating that payments of at least 12 months can be made.

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Some Proven Tips for Home Staging

When you decide to sell your house, the treasure chest of your most precious memories, the first thing that comes to mind is “home staging”. You need to make your house appealing to potential buyers. They should feel the joy that you have always experienced from the place since you first saw it; and most importantly, they need to fall in love with the first room they see before you even give a tour of the entire house. As a seller, your focus is to sell the home as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Home staging does not mean vacuuming the place while waiting for the buyer. You must go an extra mile and do some repairs and make updates to your home. If your home is in Gambrills Maryland, the odds are on your side because of the serene environment and its proximity to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.. There are also airports that are close to the town and an above average median household income. This means that you should expect to find a plethora of potential buyers to show up at Gina White Home Team’s open houses.

Here are some tips that may be helpful for home staging:

  • Clean and Decorate Your Driveway and Porch

Home Staging Front PorchThe buyer needs to make the front of the house, walkway, driveway and porch completely sparkle. Add some natural looks by planting lots of colorful blooms in attractive pots and trimming back trees and shrubs.

  • Give the Living Room a Cozy Look

Now, if you have a large amount of furniture, you may have to remove a few pieces because the buyer needs to feel that they are buying a spacious home. After doing so, you can now arrange the furniture into conversational groups to ensure the room looks friendly and inviting. You must move or store old furniture no matter the attachment you have with it because, for example, that arm chair that you love could look much better in your bedroom. This will give the impression that the buyer can have some quiet reading time before going to bed.
Living Room Home Staging

Remember to always embrace symmetry while arranging furniture, pillows and table lamps etc.; symmetrical arrangements of furniture and decorations yield a very pleasing and appealing first impression to prospective buyers. Light up those chic lamps for added lighting and make that fireplace glow during an open house (only during the wintertime). Your aim is to help the buyer envision their future life within your home. You can even stage nostalgic props by displaying a board game or a tea service on a coffee table to enchant buyers. Finally, paint the room with a fresh neutral color like white or beige and remove any tacky or outdated wallpaper.

  • Redecorate Your Kitchen

Kitchen Home Staging

Give your kitchen a fresh look by modernizing the cabinets without forgetting to place one or two decorative items upon the counter tops. Organize the pantry and leave some space to make the kitchen look spacious.

  • Give Special Attention to the Bedrooms

Bedroom Home StagingYou need to be gender neutral when it comes to the bedrooms. Hang a few clothes in the closets with wooden hangers and remove items such as televisions or desktop computers to create a serene setting.

  • Spend Some Time and Money on Bathrooms

Bathroom Home Staging

The bathrooms need to be cleaned up and all repairs must be done. Take time to create a luxury spa environment with decorative baskets, fluffy white towels and white shower curtains.

If you have performed all the tasks and have incorporated some of your own brilliant ideas into the staging of your home, then you are ready to present it to the marketplace of potential buyers.



Call Gina White Home Team today for the best home staging resources to assure you and your family the best of luck while selling your home.

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The Military Relocation Process & Finding the Right Home

In a Military family life, one often has to face the frequent relocation. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is good because it gives an opportunity to travel the country and experience every part by residing there for a while. On the contrary, it is bad because relocating is costly and hectic. However, over the time, the process has become a bit easier than it used to be.

In this article, we will be presenting some of the valuable information regarding the military relocation process and finding the right home. You will find it useful even you have reached the level of pro in this relocation game of military family life.

Permanent Change of Station or PCS

The term Permanent Change of Station is military slang for shifting. A military member is often assigned a new location for residing. The shifting of the things depends on what corner of the nation you are residing, and where you will be heading.

Steps involved in a military move

After gathering thoughts on the relocate order, one has to follow some certain procedure. Here are the steps of relocation:

  • It starts with fixing a meeting with base transportation office immediately.
  • For relocation assistance, one must consult the family center present at the new location.
  • Afterward, one must get an appointment with finance office of the current location regarding the expenditure and moving options.

What a military family has to do?

Military Relocation - The Process of Finding the Right HomeAfter receiving the orders for relocation, a military family should head for the TMO (Transportation Management Office). They will learn the process and other details of their move. They must ensure that their names are present in the list of the service member’s order.

Afterward, they must secure a good sponsor. It refers to those who already have shifted to the destination locality. The person will be answering the queries of the family about their new home and place. This support is helpful, especially in reducing the panic of shifting to an unknown place.

There are few items that you shouldn’t carry while traveling to the new destination. You must check the list and transport things accordingly. For minimizing stress, one can leave behind few things that are already available in the new place such as an RV, camper, etc. You can also try selling out unimportant things.

Finding the right home

It is common for military members to go on the quest of finding the ideal house during events at new duty stations. In fact, you must do the homework of house hunting before moving in it. You should approach a realtor for finding your home and explain him in details about your requirements. Patience is important, so, if the realtor is working in wrong areas, then rather than being bashful, politely give your inputs.

You must bring some important documents with you such as pre-approval letter from a REPUTABLE lender, W-2 forms, pay stubs of minimum two months, and other important documents. You should carry a digital camera for recording the house you visit. It will help you in analyzing the homes precisely, so you can select the best house for yourself.

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Advantages of VA Loans

In the year 1944, the United States government created a military loan guarantee program. This loan was created to help the returning service members to purchase their dream home. This above mentioned loan is called as the Veteran Loans, which is a mortgage loan issued by the approved lenders. The loan is guaranteed by the federal government. The VA loan program has helped many militants to get easy loans for buying new homes. The militant’s duty is to support and protect our country.

We're Moving - Veterans LoansGina White home team has taken the initiative to help you reach home financing goals with VA home loans. With many militants coming home who are in need of housing within the communities we serve, Gina White home team would like to extend not only the advantages of a Veteran home loan but also additional incentives to help to decrease the cost of purchasing a home.



Features of a VA Home Loan:

  • Down payment is not required if the purchase price does not exceed the appraised value of the home.
  • Monthly mortgage insurance is also not required for a VA home loan.
  • The closing expenses are limited by the VA home loan and may be paid by the seller.
  • If the loans are paid off early, no pre payment penalty is to be paid.

Incentives Available:

  • $200 off settlement fees through a participating settlement service providing company.
  • The militants would receive complimentary appraisals up to $450 value.
  • The veterans would receive a 10% discount off the home inspection fee through the US Inspect for purchases only.
  • There is no Loan origination fee with the help of Gina White Home team.

Major Advantages of a VA Home Loan:

  • Taking the VA home loan requires no down payment. Home buyers usually require at least a 5% down payment for conventional loans or a 3.5% down payment for FHA financing. If the loan amount is $200,000, then for the conventional buyers the down payment would be $10,000 and for the FHA it would be $7000. For many home buyers who are purchasing house for the first time, it might be a little challenging for them. The veterans will be enabled to purchase house in $0 down payment, so they don’t have to spend years saving to give such a big down payment.
  • The Veteran require less stringent qualification. Many Veterans buying home for the first time might not yet have a strong credit history. This would make it more difficult for them to get approval for a mortgage. It also helps to qualify for an affordable interest rate. The VA loan is government-backed, which are easier to qualify for at an affordable and competitive rates.
  • Another benefit of VA loans is that it has a lower monthly payments compared to the FHA and conventional loan. The VA loans does not require the added monthly expense of private mortgage insurance (PMI), they tend to save extra money in your pockets.

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Buying Your First Home: Top 4 Mistakes

Are you planning to buy your first home? Perhaps, you might be wondering about the Terms & Conditions as well as the potential risk factors. The experience of purchasing your first home is very similar to learning how to drive.

While learning, you’re naturally nervous because you know that you have a lot to learn. Also in both cases, you’ve discussed a lot with your friends and family before making the move towards a better future.

However, you are not going to know the particulars unless you’re an insider within the real estate world. Just like newcomers to any field, you are statistically more likely to commit mistakes.

Perhaps, buying a home for many is a once in a lifetime adventure. Nevertheless, there is no room for error. It’s best that you start this adventure after learning more fully preparing yourself.

Gina White Home Team has identified the top 4 mistakes or blunders that people make while buying their first home. Take notes!

Delaying in offering a proposal

First-time home-buyers often commit the mistake of waiting too long to step into the market. Typically, the prices of real estate are gradually increasing annually.  After the collapse of the real estate market nearly a decade ago, the local market is appreciating again. Prices are rising; however, they’re rising as expected. If you already have selected a home and have inquired thoroughly about it, then there is no point a delay in making proposal for that property.

Taking the venture by themselves

Often, first-time home-buyers try to research and find homes on their own. If they are capable enough, then this is a positive effort; however, there are many over confident nerds out there! Many rely too much upon the internet rather than the guidance of an experienced real estate agent.

Sometimes this strategy turns out to be a great deal; but, most of the times (from my experience) the deal slips off– the seller gets offended due to the amateurish negotiation from an inexperienced buyer.

A veteran real estate agent holds the proper expertise when it comes to the negotiation. Gina is a veteran in the field of real estate and she knows how to handle negotiations professionally– She delivers the best deal possible.

Searching for a Dream Home

Often, first-time home-buyers look for their dream home without having considered their respective budget nor the real estate market itself. It doesn’t matter if you want a centrally located townhouse or a mansion in the suburbs– Gina White’s Home Team exists to make it easy for you.

It is also not wise to wait too long to realize your dream of being a first-time homeowner since property rates are beginning to rise again and will increase over the next three decades. You should try choosing from the available options that are now unprecedentedly available before waiting long.

Not Participating in the Deal

Lots of first-time homebuyers leave the deal entirely up to their real estate agent. Even if your real estate agent is reliable, it’s better to have your presence and voice heard throughout the deal.

You might end up in paying an unfair price due to not being active throughout the transaction. Gina White Home Team encourages you to participate. After all, it is your Dream Home!

Here we have top 4 Mistakes that first-time buyers often make. Hopefully, you will avoid them to buy a house of your dreams.

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Investing in Vacation Homes

Vacation homes are getting popular these days. People prefer it for family vacations as well as independent travels. Obviously, it’s not the thing that you will buy often. Perhaps only a few times you will have the opportunity to invest in vacation homes. You have to invest wisely in the property that can turn your getaway daydreams into reality. In other words, there are lots of things you have to keep in mind if you are planning to invest in vacation homes. Gina White Home Team is always there for you. It is a very trustworthy organisation that can help you find your dream vacation home. In this article, you will find some guidelines that will help you analyze your selections.

Match it with your Lifestyle and Climatic Conditions

The first thing you should concern about is the location should match the climatic condition you have always lived in. An adversely climate change will limit your fun. You will require time in adapting yourself. It’s very important if you don’t want a mess in your vacations. For an instance, if your lifestyle has the influence of the Mediterranean climate, then better prefer the vacation home in a similar location.

Determining the Usage of your Vacation Home

Beautiful Woman Sunbathing by a PoolYou have to determine the usage of your vacation home if you want to avail finances and tax benefits. You have to be very realistic here. You might better off in the rental mode of opting the vacation home. If you still want to buy, then most likely you will use your vacation home in three ways.

Primary Residence

With this usage, you can avail maximum tax benefits. Additionally, the down payment is also low.

Secondary Home

The down payment is a little higher. It also has lower tax benefits as compared to the primary residence.

Investment Property

This option has minimum tax benefits, but you can compensate it by renting the home. Depending on various aspects you can even earn more from it.

Recognize the Total Cost of a Vacation Home

There are lots of add-on prices that come with a vacation home. These prices are for gas, electric, cable TV, the internet, housewares, furniture, etc. Keeping these things in mind, you have to plan your budget.

Approach the Seller Via Local Lender or Realtor

The deals of vacation properties are often supervised by local real estate agents and lenders. It’s better to first approach any local real estate agents and lenders before approaching the seller. They will explain to you every minute detail of the property as well as of T & C. They will also alert you if there is a dispute in the property. They know the property rates better than you. Perhaps, you will not be overpriced if they are with you and assisting the deal. You can also take help from Gina White Home Team in such issues.

So here we have measures to take while investing in vacation homes. I will strongly recommend for not being restless while buying a vacation home. Additionally, I will also firmly advise to consult at least once with Gina White Home Team. You should slow down your pace, take the time and do extensive research. A dreadful vacation home will not only eat up your money but also your valuable vacations.

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Gina White Home Team

When it comes to buying, and selling real estate in Crofton, Gambrills, Hanover & Fort Meade Maryland, Gina White Home Team enters the picture to make it more convenient as well as worthy for you.


Headquartered in the beautiful city of Maryland, Gina White Home team provide a full service in real estate brokerage. This dynamic team of experienced professionals are focused on providing the best possible deals that are rare to find with the help of their industrial contacts and surveys. They also guide their clients with the complete procedures. The ultimate objective of this team is to provide superior service, consultation, education, and representation to customers in a step-by-step method. Veteran and Active Military relocation rentals and home sales are one of their expertise. They hold a significant experience in new construction, remodeling and resale. In a nutshell, they make your quest of dream home as easy as a cakewalk.

Teammates Of Gina White Home Team

Their team has some of the highly experienced and experts from the industry. Together they serve their client wow-worthy experiences. Let’s know about their team members in brief.


As the name of this organisation suggests, she is the leader of this team and has been committed to helping the customers accomplish their dreams of a perfect home for years. She has been rated 5 stars on Trulia. Her personal goal for every client is to find an appropriate home that boosts their lifestyle as well as portfolio.


Having been raised in the suburban Maryland, this professional is committed giving the customers the best possible experiences by his customer-centric approach. His desire of helping people achieve their dreams has let him switch his career from hospitality to real estate.


This transaction manager, as well as a licensed real estate associate, has over 20 years of wide experience in this field. She is a newly joined but an important member of Gina White Home Team.


She has been working in this field for over 10 years. Started the career as a real estate wholesaler matching investors, Kim is now a licensed real estate agent. She possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the foreclosure listing process that is very useful for the homeowner or investors.

Business Partners

Gina White home team is partnered with some of the specialists from this industry. Here are some their reputed partners.


This Senior loan officer helps with advice relating to the finances of the real estate.


This licensed home inspector helps by researching the inspection issues of buyers and sellers, which simplifies the deal.

Specialties of Gina White Home Team

Gina White Home Team has expertise in wide range of property types that includes Single Family Home, Condos, Townhouses and Residential Rental. Their offer their specialties in the areas of REO / Bank Owned, Short Sales, Residential Sales, First-Time Home Buyers and Relocation. Additionally, they have skills in home décor, design, general contracting, Negotiation, etc.

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Buying Versus Renting: An Overview

Home investment is one of the biggest decisions individuals make in their lifetime. There are a lot of considerations that go into making the ultimate choice of buying and renting. Numerous factors must be considered, the primary of them all being the finances. Listed below are things to consider, down to the crux, helping you decide what the best bet is for you.

Home Interior - Buying Versus Renting

Scrutinizing Your Finances

Determining clearly whether or not you can afford a home is crucial and makes the foundations of all the decisions that lie ahead. Thorough considerations of affordability, ability to shoulder the down payment, security deposits and recurring costs are essential to list and go over. Affording the initial payment is only half the battle – the major differences in the two come in as discussed further.

White Grey and Red Wooden House

Costs of Buying:

  • Down Payment: the price you pay upfront when closing the deal to your home. A down payment varies on various factors including your individual credit profile, the locality of the property and the loan on the property.
  • Home Inspection: Homeowners are encouraged to have professional inspectors detect potential problems that might not be easily identified by a new home buyer.
  • Agent Expenses: An overhead tip ranging between 1 to 3% of the property price is usually settled upon for the agent who goes through all the trouble of matching you to the house of your dreams.
  • Tax and Insurance: Property taxes and homeowners insurances need to be duly filled and paid in suitable increments. The costs vary but remain universally applicable to every buyer.
  • Loan Payments, Utilities and Maintenance: These are standard recurring costs that every homeowner has to pay at regular time intervals.
  • Furnishing, Repair and Renovation: Regular upkeep of your house is essential to retain it in good condition and be eligible for a good resale value in the future.

Stone Point - Annapolis Apartment Rentals

Costs of Renting:

  • Deposits: Security deposits, non-refundable payments and insurances against property damage are numerous costs that are incurred by individuals looking to invest in a rented property.
  • Moving Costs: Renters have to move from time to time and sustain moving charges every time they have to pack up and move. These charges can be reduced by getting friends and family to help you relocate rather than hiring expensive professional services.
  • Utilities: Differentiated by agreements drafted by landlords, various utilities might be included in an individual’s rent agreement or have to be shouldered separately depending on the contractual agreement decided on.
  • Renovations and Repairs: As a renter, you are not responsible for any repair or maintenance costs, any damage is covered under the contract and security deposits.
  • Availability of Resources: Numerous utilities are covered and included in homes that reduce extra costs included in furnishing and creating your home.

Buying your own home gives you the luxury of decorating and personalizing your home to your tastes and requirements, a feature that might be missing while renting an accommodation, but the detailed comparison listed above helps you decipher what is the right choice for you. A thorough understanding of your own capabilities and your investing potential remain key determinants in choosing whether buying or renting is your way to go!

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A Place You Can Call Home — Which Kind Of Property Is Best For You?

A single-family home, townhouse, or a condo; which type of property is best for you and your family?  Your choice is an important one and making the right decision truly is tough, but don’t worry we are here to help you!

Understanding the Choices

 Single Family Home - Residential Real Estate

A single-family home is just what the name suggests, a separate home meant for a small family. Specifically, it means that it’s a house unattached from other homes with space on all four sides. New owners of single-family homes are individually responsible for all upkeep costs and the cost of maintenance.

 Townhomes - Townhouses - Gina White Home Team

A townhouse is like a single-family home but it shares a common wall with their neighbors. Comprising of several floors, these homes are generally vertical rather than sprawling and may or may not include garage spaces; however, they might have some amount of open space in the front of the property. Due to the shared spaces, there may be a common pool and other shared amenities.

 Hanover Maryland Condominiums

A condo is “a building or complex of buildings containing several individually owned apartments or houses”. Condo owners have shared spaces such as common areas and fitness rooms which require monthly charges for maintenance and upkeep. Cooperatives are set up to regulate condos and since there isn’t any actual ownership of the complex by residents, you essentially become a shareholder of the property.

Choosing the Right Place to Call Home

Are you looking for a place to call home around Crofton, Hanover, or Gambrills, Maryland? There are all sorts of options available for you and your family. While looking for the appropriate place to live, it is essential to ask a few questions before deciding what’s best for you. Think about this…

  • Huge family? Pets? Lots of things? The answer seems obvious, you need a big place to accommodate all of them; this automatically necessitates seeking a single-family home. Searching for the proper single-family home is a lot of fun if you choose Gina White Home Team as your trusted real estate agency. (Read our testimonials!)
  • If you aren’t looking for too much space and are willing to trade high square footage for the perks of living within the city, a condo or townhouse is right for you. Check out Parkside Townhomes, Stoney Run Garden condos and the residential developments at the Villages of Dorchester. Dorsey Ridge Luxury Apartments and Villas in Hanover, Maryland may also be the place you are looking for; Dorsey Ridge Luxury Apartments opened in 2013. Their ample floor space and exclusive design are an ideal place to call home.
  • With a townhouse or condo, there are a limited number of changes that you can make to your residence to make it your own. Are you willing to live in a space that feels less personalized but fulfills all the other purposes of being in an ideal location? If the answer is yes, you have your choice; if not, the quintessential single-family home with a white picket fence is what you’re looking for! The Ridgefield I and II, constructed by Rice Homes and Washington Homes in the late 1970s and early 1980s are perfect if you’re looking for a fancy villa or a country home with a vintage feel.
  • It is always wise to meet your neighbors first. We cannot underscore the importance of this enough. Understand their psyche and evaluate how well you get along with them. If you have kids, pets or love late nights with loud music. Envisioning how well you and your neighbors can coexist is imperative before making the choice of settling in.

Now that you have a clearer insight regarding the basics of the journey to find the property that’s right for you, Call Gina White! She is a splendid agent who will help you find a space to call home.

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Is Your House Haunted?

Gina White Realty - The best realtor in the area

It’s time for trick- or- treating again, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have kids knock on the front door of your very first home! Buying your first home entails a continued effort to navigate through the complicated and time-consuming purchase process that can haunt your memories longer than the nightmares on Elm Street! Here’s a quick cheat sheet to guide you through the process and know if you’re ready to invest in your first home

1. Your career is accelerative: Money is the most encouraging factor when making the decision to purchase your very own home. Owning real estate is a sign of maturity and speaks volumes of your personal growth and acts as a motivator not only for professional but familial commitment as well, boosting your confidence as a young professional and helping you succeed.

2. Your city is truly your home: Gambrills, Maryland is home; your hometown should feel like the ultimate place you would like to settle down in, however, you may be uncertain about your future plans if. You can be rest assured, though, that if you are sure of your roots and know where your heart belongs, despite the possibility of moving out purchasing an establishment in this beautiful county located along Maryland route 175 is a great idea.

3. You’re sure of what you want: Being sure of the kind of property you want to invest in is essential. Discussing and deciding on a budget, going over the details with your mortgage broker and knowing details of your neighborhood would help you decide if you want to invest in an apartment, condo or a townhouse.

Knowing the neighborhood and where you want to be is another part of the decision-making process. The numerous schools in the Gambrills, Maryland area make is popular among young and expecting couples looking forward to long term future investments.

4. You know what you actually need: Focusing on what you need against what they want is a real sign of understanding whether or not you are actually ready for your big purchase. Prioritizing the difference between the two and being sure of what you are looking for in your home keeps in check your budget as well as your desire for creating and investing in your dream home.

5. You have moderated expectations: The final sign you are ready to take the big step is when you realize there is no such thing as a perfect house. You have to buy a house and make it your home adding your personal touch and a bit of your soul to it. A thorough understanding of the lifestyle you expect won’t always be possible given your financial state of affairs. So it is essential to understand that investing in your first home is a decision solely based on practicality rather than emotion.

Buying your first house is probably one of the most difficult of your life but understanding these signs and being well-prepared always goes a long way in ensuring you make the right choice!

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