5 Home Presentation Tips to Make a Quick Sale

Home presentation is a critical aspect of selling residential real estate. Selling a house necessitates active participation from the owners where they have to learn to market it. Supplying potential buyers with as much information as possible is critical. One should list down answers to questions like:Home Presentation

  • Are there enough parking spaces?
  • Can one extend, renovate, or rebuild the house easily?
  • Is there space to add additional fixtures?
  • Does it have a garden?
  • Are there any unique features like moldings?

These tend to be massive selling points. Still, for a fast deal, you have to go a step beyond – the presentation. The right look can make any home attractive to buyers and secure a sale at the right price. This is why staging has become so popular in the recent years. So, how does one go about making an abode look appealing without shelling out hard-cash? The answer lies in photographs that show your property from the best angles.

Less than 2% of buyers start the process of investing in a new house without doing an internet search. It means that potential new home-owners will look at your house first through pictures uploaded on the net. Bear in mind that first impressions are always the best impressions and this is why the initial few seconds are the decisive ones. The snapshots will either hook them or make them scroll down to look at other properties.

5 Top Tips for Home Presentation

  • The color tone of the house should be neutral. Shades of white and beige are ideal for walls. If you have any bold carpets or patterned pieces, remove them. The same applies to bed linens, curtains or cushion covers. Keep the hue fresh. The aim is to present a clean slate to the buyer which they can easily re-imagine in the way they want. Houses that have too many accessories, ornaments and family photos are hard to visualize as dream homes.
  • Get rid of all excess furniture or any furnishings that are shabby or in a state of disrepair. Open space is more pleasing to the eye than a cluttered one. Removing things like scattered magazines, books, newspapers and toys before you take out that camera is an excellent idea.
  • Do some basic repair work on the house before pressing the shutter. Clean and polish woodwork, fill in the cracks on the walls with plaster, replace broken glass and fix dripping taps. No buyer wants to invest in a house that looks bedraggled.
  • Interested parties prefer homes that have pictures showing the interiors as well as the exteriors. Therefore, tidy up the front garden or the backyards before you click the photos. Pruned trees and blooming flowers add warmth that is hard to resist.
  • If you have pets at home, then either secure them in a closed room or let them roam outside while you take pictures inside. It will save you time, trust us. The number of perfect shots that get ruined by stalking cats and running dogs is curiously very high.

Simple yet effective, follow these home presentation tips to make your home look its best. Believe us when we say that a clean, neutral, subtly decorated dwelling in a decent condition sell far quicker than others. You have just an instant to catch the eye of a buyer, to ensure that they can imagine the place as theirs. So make the most of it.